survival kit review

Tops turley survival kit review

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great vid bro. there's another survival kit by Tops, using a neck pouch, have seen those before?

thanks mate the orange thing is marker tape to tie to a tree it helps you track yourself back and leads rescuers in your direction of travel,take care


that is some real bare bones stuff right there. for me the question is always space/utility. ditch the band on the compass, trade in for a small whistle, ditch the mirror for a homemade one like the one in my video, and personally id ditch the flashlight. that would open TONS of room for all kinds of stuff. that knife is killer though, and easy enough to improvise a bigger handle for if needed…. what is that orange thing there? you didnt mention.

thanks mate its well made and strong would be good for the woods in general, take care


this is why im going to make it into a different kit that has more potential, take care


thanks mate its going to be made into an even better kit but as a start its pretty good, take care


That's a great little kit there mate. I think your right, with your knowledge and skill, I can imagine that tin will be full of some awesome essentials pretty soon.

Good starting place though.



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