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Trail trek review Convoy s2+ plus flashlight LED edc torch

A trail trek review of the Convoy s2+ flashlight (torch).
running on the xml2 t6-3b

8 out of 10 rating
good price and decent output

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4 replies on “Trail trek review Convoy s2+ plus flashlight LED edc torch”

Cheers TT, just bought one from 'the bay of fleas'. This is going to be my emergency torch, in my bag with a full battery. In case my Skilhunt head torch battery dies mid commute and I'm hunting around in my bag for my 18650's in the dark on the canal towpath at 10:45pm in the rain. More complicated than it should have been because I'm a vaper and carry about 6 18650's in 3 boxes in my bag.That happened the week before Xmas and it was a bit of a palaver. Watched your live stream yesterday, I'm getting far too interested in lights/torches, work mates are joking that I'm a secret dogger. Happy New Year to you and yours.

What knife is that you use to open the box with? Another great review video BTW! I have my S2+ in the mail! Samsung Q30's in the charger waiting.

Loud-ass intro aside, pretty darn good video, fam.

One note: if you purchase a Convoy off their own Aliexpress store, you can request a way better firmware driver off the shelf by shooting them a message. Biscotti is fairly basic as far as programmable flashlight firmwares go, but it should fulfill a regular user's needs nicely. I especially like that it does not blink on Low.

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