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The Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at Spyderco’s latest budget-focused knife, the Tenacious Lightweight.

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I love my brown and black tenacious because is rugged with full linners and i am not afraid it will break! With that being said… man! 50$ for 8cr is a hike! This knife is old and r&d has been paid 10 times over! Give me some blade options! Maybe a tenacious 2 and drop the price of this one to 35-40$!

The g10 version was the gateway knife that started my knife addiction lol. Also a great knife to give as presents to my non knife addicted friends who always wanna see and play with whatever knife I’m carrying.

8cr13 is the one thing that is killing this knife for the non-walmart crowd. If they offered this in 9cr18 or BD-1 for $55, I'd buy it.
And Tenacious FRN instead of Tenacious lightweight would be more accurate. It's still well over an ounce per inch.

Just to inform everyone, THIS IS A UTILITY KNIFE, NOT A COMBAT KNIFE. I got into a situation where I had no choice but to stab the person attacking me. I had the knife in a reverse grip, and when I squeezed the handle the liner lock disengaged, I now have nerve damage done to my pinky and a gnarly infection that I will have to deal with. Though it would work as a last resort, I wouldn't rely upon it.

If you want light weight ,i recommend the pacific salt h-1,great knife for under a hundred dollars

I'm not sure how much of a selling point the spydie hole is. Us knife guys might like it, but every single non knife person I've talked to about it hates it; they find it ugly as sin

This is a work knife. You don’t mind beating it up and what ever you throw at it it will take! Had mine for 2 years now and yes it’s edge retention Is poor nothing like my bug out but a sold knife 👌🏻 grate review as always 🤝 and I do pay more for my knifes as I am from the uk 🇬🇧 as well

if anyone's thinking about picking up the tenacious they should look at the Raven 2 from Spyderco Byrd line, it's almost the same knife with better steel. I had both and prefer the Raven 2.

Seriously the liner lock thing is not a problem for lefties, I don’t know why you think it’s such a big problem, @Nick Shabazz

I think that Spyderco are being left behind in this market space. There are plenty of brands offering higher quality at lower prices. $60ish is no longer "budget", especially for the materials they're using.

The Tenacious is a gateway drug into the world of knife collection. I gave this away at a Christmas gift exchange to someone who wasn't into knives three years ago. His collection now makes me jealous!

I wrote this as the video was running and Nick actually uses the term gateway at the end. Well played Shabazz… well played.

Personally I’m not too keen on lightweight, I prefer weight, gives it a feel of quality in my opinion, I know that’s not necessarily true but that’s how I see it.

First selling point? It's not another flipper. It's cheap. The steel isn't the best, but extremely easy to get a screaming edge.

This knife is excellent as a first knife in another category as well: full-serrated folder. I have many folding knives, but I didn't have anything with a fully serrated blade, and the Tenacious is probably the cheapest there is from a respected brand. It definitely hasn't been a gateway into loading up on more serrated knives, but it's nice to be able to try it out relatively cheaply.

The Tenacious was the first Spydie that I could middle finger flick. From there I learned to do my other 53 Spydercos.

Civivi's bull mastiff is looking good right now. God help me. If I buy another knife it's going to be a Z Hunter.

I've heard spyderco does a nice job on their 8cr13mov heat treat. I like sharpening or just stropping my knives up and don't mind the 8cr. It's a great knife for 45 dollars. I refuse to spend a lot of money on anymore new knives. I don't think it matters much considering how much any of us use our knives. My last expensive knives were made by spyderco. It was the Sage 5 lightweight. The stretch sprint run straight spine & 2 Delica's and 1 Endura. I collect GEC & spyderco mostly. My favorite that I carry everyday is the civivi little fiend. It's a great knife for 48 dollars and comes in D-2. It's light, strong and has zero hot spots for me. A perfect knife for working in the Vaseline factory.

My "gateway spyderco" was a gray delica-4 exactly like yours. It was my first "good knife" that actually had a blade steel marking!

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