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Off-Grid Tactical Pen Review For International EDC

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Coach Helder Reviews the Off-Grid tactical pen and explains it’s features & benefits.

7 replies on “Off-Grid Tactical Pen Review For International EDC”

I was considering buying the Gerber brand ink pen, but when I purchased the kits from one company the kits came with a Uzi pen and it is better in my opinion and I am glad to have them. Each of the kits came with other tools as well and they are valuable to me.

Thanks coach. The Off-Grid tactical pen is awesome. I wasn't sure what to get. I have the other pen you mentioned in the video, but the OG is all that you said it would be.

Thanks for a great, "no drama" review. I bought two of these pens, about a month ago (Nov. '16). One for myself, and one for a friend, who does Krav Maga. We've done some testing and training of our own with these pens. Before I explain this part, I want you to know that my brother owns a glass shop. I had no problem, completely shattering a side door automobile window, in 4 blows, with this pen. This was done in his shop, and the window was not a customers, or installed in a vehicle when we did this test. This pen is sturdy, and well made. It does have an obvious tactical look. It writes well. The grip is good, and the size aids in the grip. The clip is bulky, but I like it. You mentioned the 'wiggle' in the cap. I noticed that, too. It has a lot more wiggle when the cap is over the Tungsten end. That was the only real fault that I wasn't fond of. Overall, I really like this tactical pen. I'll be carrying it in my EDC pack, and would recommend this pen. Also, I'd like to mention, Off Grid Tactical has some of the best customer service, and after-the-sale follow-up of any company I've dealt with. Very impressive.

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