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Knife review – Jeff White Camp King

This is a review of the Camp King made by Jeff White.

A limited edition with 1/8″ blade thickness is now available for 79.95 USD!

You can get this knife from Dave Canterbury`s Pathfinder website.

Thank you Tom for this awsome gift!


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Dave Canterbury LIES in his video titled "survival knives", where he states within the first few minutes that "Jeff White is a Master Blade Smith". HE IS NOT.

What do you think of the Buck Knives 119 model? I use it as mainly a survival knife and it will do just about anything I need it for. It holds an edge and Its also very affordable.

I think Mora's Garberg is a perfect middle ground for an all around camp/bushcraft knife. It has grown on me and the more I use it the more I find that I leave my other knives in the drawer. You get the slicing ability of a thinner scandi grind but the solid full tang weight feels awesome and gives good power for cutting through branches . When a person really uses a knife for wood working you eventually realize that you can't use the light weight Mora's for many tasks. I like to use small chopping at times nothing major but it really helps when making large tent stakes or needing a bit more power for branch knots and stuff. Nice review very specific and to the point.

New to your channel but I like it! Was looking at one of these knives today. One question I have, is the blade full thickness down to the polished part of the cutting edge, or does it taper down to the polished part?

Nice review, got you a new sub. My opinion is that I think I could buy three Jeff White Camp King knives for the price of that one Jacklore Classic…I think I would be ahead with the three Camp Kings, which is not to take away anything from the Jacklore, I know that is a woodcraft classic and I would love to have one, but…thanks for sharing your views.

prøvd esee 3 og junglas odd? er favorittene mine det og en helle besseggen.

har tynnet begge esee knivene veldig mye bak eggen og de fungerer veldig bra 🙂


I have been using mora knives and condors, not very expensive knives. I was looking for a bushcraft knife under 200 dollars and found this knife. You said it is not the ideal bushcraft knife, but I was wondering why not and which knife do you think is better for bushcraft?

The scales on the JW camp king are actually supposed to be curly maple, is this one a custom?

Very nice review. I have only recently come across your channel. I have now sub'd and will continue to enjoy your videos and catch up to your newer ones.

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