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Steel Will R305 Roamer Fixed Blade Knife Review or Welcome to Basil's Death Cult.

The Steel Will R305 Roamer is an affordable large fixed blade to help you facilitate a tactical batoning lifestyle. At about $60, you can beat up on wood, food, and other stuff in comfort because of it’s comfortable TPE rubberized-feeling handle. The blade is full tang, and made from the finest of D2 steels.
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27 replies on “Steel Will R305 Roamer Fixed Blade Knife Review or Welcome to Basil's Death Cult.”

my god i love both you and Pete, you guys just make such amazing content.
Maybe i should start my own youtube knife review channel so i can experience the same delusional descent into insanity of dealing with trolling comments, demonetization and youtube itself

"Firm orange rubber… if you know what I mean" Man, your jokes kill me, so good! Very good review btw!

Of the knife & gear reviewers I've watched on youtube, you probably make the best videos and reviews. Your reviews remind me of Georg Rockall-Schmidt's film vlogs, well-written scripts make such a huge difference. Reviewers should aspire to make videos as good as yours.

"Jimping." "Zytel." "Micarta." These will be used for code words when the revolution comes and only those who can baton will survive.
….or not.

Cedric sent me, i am so pleased I get to spend the next 3 weeks watching every god dam one of your videos. Outstanding, no seriously, out-bloody-standing.

Yeah, um… loved the intro to the video. Shit was hilarious and um like the knife review was pretty good too. Keep it up.

You really are a jack of all trades… ruin podcast as well! What else is on your bucket list?

The Steel will Roamer series are great knives. Inexpensive, FUNCTIONAL knives. The many complaints of the sheath is petty in my opinion. The sheath and the knife is extremly funtional and they work… All for a decent price of less than 60 US dollars. Cool video. I wish there were more Steel WIll Roamer reviews.

I had to stop watching your flashlight reviews because I was like 4 hours into them and they said nothing about Benchmade.

The orange rubber is interesting, never experienced that although I have experienced glow in the dark rubber….

Wtf scrolling around and i find a akb video i didnt get a notification for… i thought u were alex jones#2

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