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Spyderco Military Knife Review. 52100 steel, carbon fiber, and PM2 comparison

Finally I got a chance to review the big light weight Spyderco Military in Carbon fiber and 52100 steel. It has since become of of my top two or three knives out of the way too many I own. It’s 4 inch blade is perfect for every day carry tasks or even light instagram knife use. Thanks to Skookumdanger for the donation, check out his Instagram:
Or here is the Standard Military in S30V and G10:
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I think "peel ply" carbon fiber is actually a textured sheet (ply) of carbon fiber bonded over plain old G10

This is ashually a therapy channel for people who have knife addiction. Also wanna trade straight up a g10 s30v version, that's been to 4 countries?

Thought about it,but I have a police4 lightweight,an endura 4 ffg,and a manix 2 lightweight,plus several benchmades,Bokers,WEs,and sundry others,And you are absolutly right-normal people don't need more then one knifeOne disadvantage to having so many nice folders,is getting stressed out,trying to figure which to carry each day

They do make a left hand military but only in standard g10 s30v. Good review thanks 🐱

think of Knives like Golf clubs, they have different purposes. you need a SET to cover all the bases.
SHHHH…. its the truth, and we all need to keep repeating it!

Its funny how everyone thinks we like big knives, wth? I was in the Army Infantry for 22 years we if anything prefer smaller lighter knives something like the para3 is perfect. Every oz counts man.

I can almost guarantee most watching are more like yourself and buy more than one knife a month. Can never have to many cutting tools. With all the competition these days it's hard to choose one

I love my Spyderco Military. Got it about a dozen years ago. I don't use it as much as I'd like, meaning I really want to go outside and cut some stuff up with it but I will probably only ruin the blade or ruin some patio furniture. I do have an idea for a cheap knife for you to check out as in you might want to check it out because its good and cheap, not just cheap. Wrote the review on the website a few years back. Any how I like it, you might too.

The way you review knives, it’s impossible to distinguish 440A steel from S90V steel, I wouldn’t even call it a review, maybe a demonstration is a better word. Nice video

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