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Olight H1R Nova – EDC Flashlight & HeadLamp Review

Olight H1R Nova – EDC Flashlight & HeadLamp Review.
Review of my experience with the product so far.

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22 replies on “Olight H1R Nova – EDC Flashlight & HeadLamp Review”

Hi guys, thanks for watching. Olight were kind enough to send me this product to review, I make no money from the sale of these. Just an honest opinion. This is now my 'everyday' head lamp for camping and hopefully will be for a long time to come. I do not accept any old product to review on this channel, just those that would fit in to my own 'workflow' or that I think you guys will find interesting. My review videos are additional to other videos I produce and never in place of other content. ATB – Andy

Just ordered mine and it's on its way to New Zealand and remember, good stuff ain't cheap and cheap stuff ain't good (normally).

Maybe you forgot to mention that you can change the battery also. It's a 3,7 Volt, 650 mAh (2,4 Watthours) Li-Ion battery in the size of 16340 called ORB-163C06. You can buy more of them seperately and extend your bright time with them. The turbo mode ist good enough for making vids with it.

Mine arrived today. Purchased it on your recommendation after breaking my old LED Lenser. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Andy.

A good review of a very cool torch but having checked the price I couldn't justify buying one. My current headlamp was quarter the price, works very well and I'm not gonna be too worried if it breaks or I loose it. I think if I misplaced a £45 torch I'd be pretty miffed.

Looks nice until I saw 'do not short' written on the charging end. I tend to throw my torch in my bag with keys etc. (edit – just found out that you can partly unscrew the back to mechanically lock it out and prevent shorting – looks perfect!) Really looking forward to seeing your kayak trip with Simon 🙂 Have you started to get your kit together yet?

Good review mate but if get everything I see I would need a bigger house 😂😂😂😂atb jimmy 😎 😎

Do you not ever get the feeling that some of these new lights are TOO bright? I find the super duper turbo jobbies just blitz my eyes in an enclosed area. Not only that, but electronically they're very complex and hard to fix. From experience of Olight and Fenix I'd say they're pretty overrated and hyped beyong belief by users that put tech before durability (forum anoraks, etc). I tend to go for the professional ATEX lights and such that are used by cops, firemen, etc. The output is enough and they're tough as hell. Like people said before – don't sell out brah. Do some more unusual camp outs! Reculver was mad! That's what makes your channel decent and why I keep coming back.

Apologies if I missed it but how long does it take to charge from empty to full ? Seems very good bit of kit. Also some of the comments below geesh! if you didn't like a review why watch and comment! I understand why you do them and appreciate the simple fact it generates views and therefore income which in turn helps the creators make new video's. Keep em coming top man! ATB Rob

My torch selection is pretty basic outside of my Wolfeyes spot. I need to raise my game. Good stuff Andy. Cheers Moose.

Looks like a really nice little lamp. Battery life is impressive. Does it have a Disco mode ? Ya know for those hot Saturday Night Fever themed bushcraft parties ?

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