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EPIC Bushcraft KNIFE: Lagom Bush Knife Review

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27 replies on “EPIC Bushcraft KNIFE: Lagom Bush Knife Review”

I like it with the green micarta it looks sweet, if ya want a beater knife that is relatively the same thing try out the Cold Steel Finn Hawk. I just bought one on Amazon for $18 and crap this knife is amazing, plus unlike the Mora sheaths, that are mainly buckets, the Finn Hawk sheath locks tight ….actually to tight at first. Best $18 I've ever spent, the knife is wicked sharp and feathers amazingly good, you can turn a Lewisville Slugger into a toothpick within minutes. I'm guessing that Lagom does the same but ya look much cooler while doing so 😎

How do you like the Lagom vs. Ed's Bush Custom. I have several knives from both. Admittedly an Ed Martin fan boy. Curious as to your comparison of the two not factoring price.

10 years ago, I wouldn't of seen the value in this knife… 10 years ago, I thought my cheap knives were good enough. Then someone let me play with a custom fixed blade knife. Countless knives later, I haven't looked back. You don't know what a good knife is until you hold one and use it. This one is a keeper for sure.

Looks like the bcnw 01 which I LOVE and is my go to knife these days which I have had for several years now. Great design.

I'm not a knife conesour apparently…. Can you do a review of two or three knives like this and maybe a bargain basement cheapy off of Amazon? I need something to compare it all to because to me a knife is a knife is a knife. I'm not seeing why this knife is better than anything else out there. Not that I disagree with you. I'm just coming at this with a very basic and minimal level of knowledge.

just right wouldn't be THAT expensive. otherwise it's great. my $49 Schrade can featherstick like that all day long AND chop a tree. but love your reviews n recommend them to my friends.

Looks just like a copy of my entrek forester except for micarta scales. I LOVE the style for bushcraft ect…great video btw 🤗

That is a survival, tactical, bush craft knife in my opinion. I can really appreciate what you held in your hand. I'm a 66 year old back country guy and waaaaaaaaay back in my senior year of high school, (you do the math) A foreign exchange student, one Anders Davidson, became my close friend, and upon heading back home he gave me a knife. Very similar to that logom. 3.5 inch blade of Swedish carbon steel, razor shaving sharp, with a Caribou bone handle, shaped and lightly engraved with a bust of a Caribou….made by the Laplanders way up in northern Sweden. Knives such as these are at the core and soul of being out, back of beyond.

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