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Cold Steel Survival Edge – Survival Kit

In today’s video we check out the survival kit built into the Cold Steel Survival Edge knife. Enjoy!

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That Knife is freaking Beast.. i got over 8 years , I beat the hell out of it .. still sharp >:)

I never like commenting in negative manner. But man this is pure bullshit and cold steel in general is a disappointment. There are few exceptions. Master Hunter 3v is awesome for the price.

Interesting kit! As always I appreciate another review of a small budget kit. Philosophically I'm not a big fan of hollow handles. The Randall is expensive but if you actually use the knife it may well break. While Randall made good knives overall a lot of them were 'safe queens' and tended to be HT'd too hard and could be fragile. I personally know a guy that dropped one and actually had it break! Schrade actually bought the patents and IP from Randall's estate and by all accounts their hollow handled knives are pretty good. Still, a hollow handle isn't quite as strong as a full tang (although with the Schrade it's pretty close). The biggest issue I have isn't the strength even, it's that I'm not a fan of round handles- it's not the ideal shape for gripping and using but it has to be round (at least at the end) to screw on the cap.

The stock gear is a mixed bag IMO. I like the fire steel and the whistle and the wire is an excellent thing to have! It's a interesting idea to include a sharpener but it's so small that it might be hard to use. I am frankly baffled by the inclusion of sewing kit! Imagine: As the sun begins to sink towards the horizon and the snow starts falling faster, you finally admit you're lost and won't make it back to the truck before nightfall. Better hunker down for the night! Time to…grab the needle and thread and start sewing?! Sure, maybe it would be nice to add sewing stuff to a 20 lbs survival kit but is it important enough to include in a 2oz kit? Not really! I * get it ***, it's small and will fit where a space blanket won't, but CS maybe is confusing 'can' with 'should'. Likewise the fishing gear will only be useful down the road if you don't die of hypothermia the first night.

I personally think a person would be way better off with a normal knife and sheath that has a small pouch for kit. Ontario has a pouch on their RAT7 sheath big enough for a multi-tool or all the kit included in the CS. Better still, ESEE makes a pouch kit for many/most of their kits to mount a pouch with an Altoids tin to their knives. Of course though both those options will run into low triple digits price wise.

If you're going with the hollow handle I really like your additions! It's awesome to have the Tinder-Quik! I love that stuff although in a survival situation the Baddest Bee Fuses would be a little better. The Band-Aids and mini med kit are a great addition. If you remove the dubious stuff you might be able to get an ESBIT tablet or two in there as well (the small 4g sticks), maybe even a couple matches. A couple bits of drinking straws with antibiotic ointment sealed at the ends would probably fit as well.

Good video, Eric, as usual! Thanks.

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