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TOPS XCest Alpha Survival Knife and Kit Review | OsoGrandeKnives

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TOPS XcEST-A-BLK Alpha (Cross Country Emergency Support Tool), Black Sheath. The old saying “big surprises come in small packages” definitely applies to this knife package. Knife, sheath and survival supplies all weigh in at under 1 pound (that is total weight for you ounce counters).
Don’t be fooled by its compact size and light weight. With its 3/16″ thick, full tang handle this knife will handle almost anything you encounter, short of a grizzly bear.

The 440C blade steel allows you to maintain your blade edge in the field indefinitely with the inclusive Lansky sharpener. Never worry about losing your grip, whether your hands are cold and wet, or warm and slimy from cutting an animal the canvas Micarta handles will always ensure your grip is well anchored to the handle. The handle also has a a strong divot cut into it for an additional fire starting technique. Handles are easily removable and can store extra goodies.

This is a compact size for a good survival tool, without the extra weight and size. Easy to carry. Mounts on LBE or just about anywhere. This is a great addition to any survival kit. From weekender camper to extreme survival guide, this is a fine working tool! Includes a black ballistic nylon sheath w/insert and removable flap cover.

Comes with the TOPS Survival Kit, which includes: Survival Saw, Lansky Sharpener, 2 Ranger Bands, Compass, Fishing Line, 2 Fishing Hooks, Offset Screwdriver, P-38, Snare Wire, L.E.D. Light, Sail Needle, Fire Starter, Razor Blade, Snap Link and 2 Safety Pins.


Overall Length: 7.5″
Blade Length: 3.25″
Blade Width: 1.5″ average
Thickness: 3/16″
Steel: 440C, RC 58-59
Knife Weight: 8 oz.
Handle w/ Divot: Canvas Micarta
Blade Color: Gray Traction Coating
Sheath: Ballistic Nylon w/insert and removable flap cover
Handcrafted in the USA

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9 replies on “TOPS XCest Alpha Survival Knife and Kit Review | OsoGrandeKnives”

Also, the handle is removable and fits a ferro-rod and tinder-tabs if you want. I sewed a pouch to the inside of the flap on the sheath to hold more stuff.
It makes a fairly nice kit.
XCest – cross-country-emergency-support-tool.

exactly what steels do other countries have? VG-10? Last I heard we were shipping our steel to other counties and having YOU ALL put that shit together cause YOU ALL work for cheap, please!

Handcrafted in the USA … and?? Should that mean anything?? I don't see the point since the USA isn't well known for knife-making like other countries in the world. Would you have said Japan, Sweden, Finland or even Spain .. it would have been a point since those countries (for example) have a history and well known reputation for creating blades of high quality, as well as best steel in the world. BUT, other than that .. thanks for the review, interesting and short without any unessecary talk like most YT reviewers. So you got a thumbs up despite the last words. =)

it's very nice knife i have it but i never understand what the fuck to do with the ranger band's in the wood's

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