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Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife Review (Long Term Use)

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife Review – Long Term Use. Ever since I purchased this knife 4 years ago, it’s been consistently used. How has it held up after a bit of abuse after all those years?

This is the Victorinox Fibrox 8-inch chef’s knife.

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If you are on a budget (or even if you just like a good deal) I highly recommend this knife. I have a very expensive set of German Knives which are great. But for Vacations at a cabin I go to, I needed a few less expensive knives. I purchased Victorinox 8" Chef's Knife, a Bread Knife, and a paring knife, which together cost less than my expensive 8" Chef's knife. I like the Victorinox Knives every bit as much as the expensive Knives. Yes, they aren't as good looking but so what. They are a GREAT deal.

I used a knife like this for 5 years as a professional chef. 6 days a week. I left if underwater, covered in dirt, skinned salmon with it, everything.
This is my chosen primary knife for most things.

Had mine 5-6 years, got a set of 5 for $99 IIRC. I love all of them, added a curved boning/fillet knife to the set. Use the 8" chef almost every day, still looks almost brand new. Stays sharp, easy to sharpen shaving sharp 4-5 times a year. You can get a more expensive 8" chef, but not really a better one.

I might pick up one. Everyone should have a "beater knife". Even one that has a "stamped steel blade". As most people don't understand blades with a "shapely profile" needs to have it's "secondary bevel" (area above the cutting edge/bevel (primary bevel) thinned. Which you don't need to worry about with a stamped steel blade since it's flat. Which also makes them great for people who don't want to learn to sharpen knives with a whetstone and use a pull-through manual or electric. It IS a beater knife. Many brands have them. Perfect for home use. People get caught up in the "show" aspects of knives (e.g. stippling, damascus, mirror polish, shape, thickness…handle design, full bolster or half…buy knives to show off at dinner parties…so they buy sets…etc.

thank you for this review, I just recently purchased this knife and you have settled my mind that I made a good choice for a long-lasting knife 👍😉

This knife is one of the best buys for the $ for the average home user. A step above a no-name supermarket chain brand. Made by the Swiss Army folding knife company. And if knowing the knife was made in Switzerland matters…

This video I think was worth making. As there are so many people considering this knife…wondered about the knife maintenance required. Or how little. You said you only sharpen it 3x a year and it still performs….more than good enough for any home cook.

I think people get too caught up maybe in the marketing and some how got bit by the "kitchen knife culture bug". Which interestingly are made up of mostly home "chefs". People buying mid-priced to "expensive" Japanese kitchen knives for whatever the real reason is. Buy their share of whetstones. 🙂

I think if we go beyond a point…e.g. spend over $200 on a single's about status. to show off at dinner parties. I mean the difference in blade quality (material, bevel shape, how well it's sharpened, how regularly? etc.) I don't think makes t hat much difference for a home user. Between a $50 USD chef's knife and a $300.00. VS a professional chef working for a 5-star restaurant.

is this the best chef knife i could get? it is $45 right now. My budget is $50 and trying to buy a chef knife for Christmas? or is there any better ones on amazon under $50??

I have had my chef knifes (this kind ) for about 6 years excellent knifes very good value for money

There is enough PROs online for this knife. Let me put some CONs for it. I have the same knife for about 4 years too. The Victorinox was designed for butch trade. They heat treated this knife at about HRC56, it is on the soft side of the knife. You have to learn how to using honing steel or whetstone to own this knife. Without honing, it would lose its sharpness very quickly. And if you hand sharp it on the whetstone, please stop at 1000 grid. Over 6000 grid, you would lose the sharpness in less than one hour use. But it could be sharped very easily on 1000 grid whetstone or a diamond shaping rod. Few passes on steel honing rod every other day will keep it sharp for months.

How lucky for you that your wife likes a budget knife to abuse and not a Misono UX10 Santoku!

yeah might not be the best looking knife but really practical to use…., beautiful hands by the way

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