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Spyderco Kapara Full Review! One of the best EDC Knives Spyderco has ever made!

In this video I provide my full review on the Spyderco Kapara and discuss why I think it is one of the best EDC Knives that Spyderco has ever built.

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10 replies on “Spyderco Kapara Full Review! One of the best EDC Knives Spyderco has ever made!”

The Kapara is the shining gem of my modest collection and I really share your enthusiasm. The only thing I don't find perfect about this knife is the limited access to the compression lock on that skinny handle. I think the same design features that make it more pocket-friendly than the PM2 or even the Para 3 also make the Kapara less fidget-friendly – at least to my hand that is. Despite the unbelievably smooth action (CQI version) I don't enjoy playing around with this knife all that much because disengaging the compression lock feels a bit uncomfortable after a couple of flicks. As for the blade steel – I feel just like you, except that I would love to see LC200N because of the focus on food prep.

Great to hear your thoughts on the Kapara.. My original prototype has also opened plenty of kids toys packaging. Hopefully another batch will come out soon as I think you might have some trouble getting that one back from your brother ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for the review seems you are way to positive check out neroknives to see if any of his thoughts make sence

I have started recommending this one the most to people who donโ€™t know Spyderco. This knife is exceptional.

The knives that Spyderco makes that are closest to the Waypoint are the best knives they've ever made. Spyderco has always been my number one favorite brand but after a while you just start to realize that even somebody say they like you or me could make the world's greatest knife I think somebody finally just sat down and was like alright guys let's cut to the b***** and make a knife that people actually want to use not a super curvy weird knife that when you're actually using it say the spydiechef your left of questions like why isn't this a waypoint in why isn't every knife like the waypoint.

Even when I was using knives like the manix native or spydiechef, I was left wondering why isn't the blade longer why is that tree oil on the actual blade and taking up effective Cutting Edge, why is the blade shaped like a leaf isn't it supposed to be long and straight so that I can actually cut things with it? It's just a shame that until you find this one in a million type of brand like quiet carry or Toyota, you basically are constantly ripping yourself off. Lol sorry if there are any typos and texting this with voice to text because of an injury in my thumbs. Great video as always.

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