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Readyman EDC Defense Tool Review

This review is entirely for entertainment purposes and nothing should be inferred from it regarding the use of bottle openers!

My friend (And channel supporter) TraderJoe thought I might be interested in this Readyman product. Yup, of course I am.

The Readyman EDC Defender, and bottle opener, Tool is water jet cut from aluminium alloy and was designed by a US Navy SEAL and Krav Maga expert.

Though Mrs Rathbone struggled with it a bit this is a great tool for opening bottles of your favourite pop. Just for entertainment purposes I tried to think of other ways to use a bottle opener.
I should add here that you will need to check your jurisdiction BEFORE purchasing this (Or any other) bottle opener as there could be rules against its use!

Do not attempt anything you see in this review! Thank you.

Readyman Website

EDC Defense Tool product Page

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I hope you enjoy the review and thanks for watching.

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This video is for entertainment purposes only!
Knives, bottle openers and other tools can be dangerous! Nash Rathbone is NOT responsible for personal injury or damage to property through the misuse of knives, bottle openers or other tools! Thank you.


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9 replies on “Readyman EDC Defense Tool Review”

Plod has been dispatched by SJW/NPC/Antifa to Mr Rathbone's domicile to save Mr Cardboard. It is probably a hate crime against paper and wood products.

I'm afraid that this bottle opener is not allowed in the Netherlands. So I got to get me one than! 🙂

Sometimes bottles can be quite unruly and hard headed and may need a bit of persuasion to open up! They are designed to keep the contents contained and within themselves, after all! I am glad that you like the bottle opener and wish it was more effective at prying. It may need a file to make a better lip on one side 😉

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