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Klarus S1 Ti-Scal Knife Review (Titanium Key Chain Knife)

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17 replies on “Klarus S1 Ti-Scal Knife Review (Titanium Key Chain Knife)”

For the record, this is a Chinese ripoff and very slight adaptation (i.e., the lanyard hole) of a Kickstarter project from a UK company called 3coil which created this design, known by them as the Crane, which I enthused over and ordered several of, some time ago. The delay receiving those is because the Chinese manufacturer they selected, instead of producing the knives for them, decided to rip them off. This is that design. That doesn't mean it isn't good, I suppose.

Own 3 of these beautiful scalpels kept two in the box for collectors pieces titainer makes a slighter larger one that takes number 24 scalpel blades also very nice

Does it seem like like there’s any chance at all the blade could rub up against something and open up in the pocket? Ouch. Kinda sketchy. I had the CRKT P.E.C.K and just seemed like it was such a soft detent that I ended up removing it.

Perfect for those times when a tiny scalpel is just what you need to perform emergency tracheotomies on choking squirrels and field circumcisions on field mice.

Nice video, It was smaller than i expected, great on the my work keys. Plus good to take on a plane, minus the blade. Opening boxes, mail, etc. So i don't have to dull up my edc knife as often. 100 blades for 6 dollars on Amazon.

Great vid got one of these my self I did figure out changing the blade , but really helpful thanks much. And yes great knife

Man, this is an interesting little knife! I really like its form factor and I dig that it uses scalpel blades. Nice vid!

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