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In Depth Review: Ozark Trail 12 Piece Camping Tool Set & Folding Saw

Adam and John review the contents of Ozark Trail’s 12 piece camping tool set and Ozark Trail’s folding saw. By the next morning, the machete was bent from splitting wood like a wedge and was rather dull. The magnesium/ferro rod had gone missing as it fell out of one of the sheaths. The hand axe was rather dull to begin with overall and did not have enough weight behind it to be effective. The knife was shaped odd and parts of the handle were painful. The rope served its purpose and was used to make a tripod and tripod chair that supported ~285 lbs. The flashlight in the kit worked well and had many cool features, including one unexpected feature! The lens was removable and could be used as a firestarter! The folding saw worked well and was the choice tool to cut wood for the night. Overall, the Kit itself was mostly only usable for one day and you are probably better off buying the separate parts that worked well and finding replacements for those that were inefficient. The folding saw was excellent and worth the price tag.

We are in no way sponsored by Walmart or Ozark Trail.

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14 replies on “In Depth Review: Ozark Trail 12 Piece Camping Tool Set & Folding Saw”

This camping set is such a steal because all of the things sold separately are like 15$ so it should actually be 40 to 60 dollars but it's super cheap

I got this set as a gift. I cannot for the life of me get the knife blade sharp. I don't know what steel they used but it is super hard.

I dont mind paracord handles but after a long time of light carving it starts hot spots on your hands

I wish you would have chopped some wood with the hatchet so we could see if it was actually useful. Other wise a good review thanks.

Good setup for kids or beginners especially for the price . The folding saw is actually really good ,it’s basically a silky knockoff ,but only after you sharpen it mine came kinda dull .

I reached an age where my knees and other joints didn't like to process my firewood by jumping and stomping anymore. A lightweight folding saw like this one made camp life a lot more enjoyable.

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