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CJRB Feldspar – Is This the Best Budget Knife of All Time? – Overview and Review

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28 replies on “CJRB Feldspar – Is This the Best Budget Knife of All Time? – Overview and Review”

I just received my CJRB Feldspar subsize in green from Amazon in one day. This is an incredible knife for the cost of $34.95. Quality and action is very nice. Centering is slightly off to the left on mine. D2 blade is very sharp. Thank you for recommending this knife. It will be a good addition to my small collection.

I got this exact knife, love the jade. Dam can it cut. Love it. Had to cut through 100 ft of old tangled bared hose today, it was butter.

I really wanted to get this knife until I discovered the CJRB Ria, I’d love to see a review and or comparison between it and this one so I can choose one to buy.

Great video. I got my small Feldspar from Amazon today. I had been looking to replace my 6-7 year old Kershaw Cryo. This is a great knife. Have you ever put butter on a Pop Tart? It's so friggin good. That good.

Well dang, I don't think we could have asked for a better review of our Feldspar. Thank you so much, we're really glad to hear that you like the knife so much!

I recently got the Centros and I've had to Crag for a while now. CJRB are well worth the money but that Feldspar just seems to knock it out of the park! Great job!

Great Knife… Picked one up a week ago. Could improve on the lock bar by adding over travel. Thank you for the video.

I've got the small version of the Feldspar and have been using it for the past couple weeks pretty extensively. Truly an excellent knife, and I agree with you that they do a nice job with their jade G-10. I highly recommend this knife.

I'm commenting before watching, solely based on the clickbait title… and I trust your taste in knives and perception of quality… bit HOW THE HECK could this possibly be better than a Praxis?!?!?!

Pretty knife. Very nice value. And I think that Ser. C1912 actually means "Series 1912". That is actually the model number. Unless you just happen to get number 1912 of model 1912 🙂

It exist the micarta version in blade hq, therefore, there is no other acceptable version for me.

I just bought this exact knife a few days ago. I love the Centros and wanted one a bit less stabby. 😂 I also chose this one because I plan on dying the scales. Great review MC thanks.

It is definitely a knife I have had my eye on don't know why I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet.

I have the same knife except my detent is very strong. I'm going to take mine apart & try to unspring the lock bar a little. Other than that, it's a great knife. I actually carry the Agave in jade, just because I can deploy it reliably first time every time. The Feldspar detent was so strong, it pulled the skin from under my thumbnail first time I tried to deploy it. I have to kick the blade out at a 45° to get it to come out. Forget trying reverse flick on mine.

I like how we have just collectively adopted the name "Ritter Hogue" for the *inhales…*: Doug Ritter RSK® MK1-G2

Love the lines on the Feldspar, I just wish it was in Sandvik steel or something.

I just got one in green micarta. It is so nice for the price and feels great in the hand. The detent on mine is a bit stiff but it makes for a trusted deployment.

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