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The Spyderco UKPK Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, a re-review of a gem of a knife, which is designed to deal with silly laws in the UK, but turns out to be a great choice for lots of people: the Spyderco UKPK.

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If you like the design, but want a backlock, get a Spyderco Caly 3. Almost identical dimensions and profiles.

Our laws suck !! I can appreciate the under 3” but not the non locking. Was about to pull the trigger on the urban but when looking on the site to order (Heinnie) they’ve just bought out a real steel collaboration with a D2 blade for £30 so that’s what I’m going for.

You think the UK's knife laws are dumb, you should see Ohio's, which are specifically created to create charges against people they don't like the look of.

Such a great knife, I have two, the standard and the Heinnie Haynes S30V/G10 and the second is a great choice if you can get it.

got this a week or two ago, after pretty heavy testing it's not left my pocket since. great to see this review, and keep up the awesome work

The F&F on these is horrible. I handled a handful of s110v UKPKs and all had serious imperfections in the plastic mold, grind, jimping area, etc. Wish these were made with more care. Would also be nice to have a more premium option (Micarta would be great, but G10 or CF would be nice too).

I watched your review on the PITs recently, and decided to give it a shot as the “uglies” were no issue to my less-than delicate hands. Really loving it as a modern slipjoint. Prefer it to the UKPK (as it comes from Spyderco nowadays).

The ONLY reason why the UK PK is legal-ish in the UK is because it doesn't lock.

I have never heard of anyone saying, "Thankfully the assailant had a non-locking pocket knife which made it much easier to apprehend them." 🤦‍♂️
But remember people, certain things can cause cancer, but only in California, and the only knives in the UK that kill people have locking mechanisms. 👌

The s110v ukpk is a shining gem, put some classy custom scales on it and you have the best production slippie❤

Would be very tempted but just seems quite expensive for what it is. Might reconsider though, I’m looking for a nice, good quality, UK legal carry.

It doesn't lock, but it's still a great knife for 99% of the stuff a civilian living in a city is going to do.

I have 100+ locking knives but a non locking Victorinox alox Cadet is probably my most used knife. 😂

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