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Ontario RAT 1 Knife Review, Part 2

This is the cut test/demo of the Ontario RAT 1 Knife Review. To see the table-top, watch Part 1.

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you said this doesn't do as well as the sage but then go on to say it does very well with wood…. could you go over 3:30 to 3:50  or im i confused?

good show. if u want to save ur folder even more, when battoning, just get the knife deep enough where u can wedge in a wedge shaped piece of wood into the same crack, and batton that down, it will release the knife and u can continue with that wedge all the way thru and split it.

if all you have is a small folding knife and you have larger sized wood to split, the best technique is carving a simple wedge and just STARTING your split with your knife just to make a gap for your wedge to bite… save your sharp edge and dont risk damaging your knife, or your body, period….

This is the first video I see from you. I was like "wtf" at first when you went throught all the cardboard ..? But then I got it.

I like your way to test knifes a lot. You dont over do it. Its just enough. Like a regular and decent use of a blade to see how it will perform in real world. Took time to film and upload these vid and I thank you for that because I will benefit from them a lot. Very good way to review a knife, you talk less and just demonstrate more.

Alright, thx.

@BLUNTRUTH4U 8:04 that looks really dangerous…if the wood slips the blade might fold on your finger…

jesus if any kids are watching DONT YOU EVER DO THIS RETARDED STUFF with the wood splitting or you loose fingers

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