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Microtech Ultratech | OTF Knife Perfection

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23 replies on “Microtech Ultratech | OTF Knife Perfection”

Thank you for this review. I want a hellhound. Love your videos man. Theyre getting me throughnthis lock down 😎

We should be allowed to carry any type of knife unless it's a ballistic knife or has a poison coating or something.

I like micro tech but they are too expensive for me to purchase. Also a bit “murdery” for liberals who are scared of anything that looks semi dangerous. That snap alone can scare one of them who’s not even in the same room.

This video actually caused me to remove the Ultratech D/E (dual-edge) model I had in my cart online and was ready to buy and put the whole idea on pause. I spent a lot of time waiting to find a perfect S/E Ultratech model and picked that up instead. I am extremely happy with it. It has been a lovely tool to use and I credit this video for helping me choose the correct one. Seriously.

I've owned a microtech ultratech for 7 years and carry it everyday. Until I got a hogue OTF. Microtech is too expensive for the edge it holds. Lifetime warranty was a selling point for me until I found out if you open the knife for cleaning or maintenance you will void the warranty.

Cant carry it in ct. Unless rule without law takes place then it will be time for libtards to go away

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