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Knife Review: Renzo Beltrame 11" Stiletto

A very nice Buffalo Horn swivel bolster Stiletto from Italy

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You might try to GENTLY tap down on that pin that is sticking up, it may be a "capped" pin, and just hasn't been pushed down all the way. If its a fixed rivet, then its simply not been "peened" enough, so you have a true "one of a kind" Beltrame! Good luck!

My lock mech kinda dug into my scale but I just did a little bending and sanding and it's fixed now. You're right these are sweet little old school hand made knives. Thanks

I have the same one only the blade is sandblasted and itโ€™s a 9 inch, a good start into stiletto collecting

Oh, I was told by a Auto Dealer , that they really need to be stored or kept in the OPEN position. It's the Leaf Spring that is inside of the Handles. The Protechs and Benchmades use Coil Springs and can be stored closed.

That was the best Swivel Bolster blade release demo, I've seen yet . Hadn't seen a clear Blade unlock until now. Thanks……Love them Pig Stickers ! The 4 legged variety .

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