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Knife Review: Buck 503 Prince

A look at the venerable Buck 503 Prince and a little comparison to a ~1980 501 Esquire, has anything changed in 35+ years?

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I carried a 503 throughout the 90’s and loved it. I wish it would get a good upgrade like the 501’s from DLT that are S35VN and Micarta.

If I handed my friend my buck knife and they used it to pry open a bottle top i'd punch them in the nose.

Well DLT has gone and done it… they took my money for the green micarta Drop point s35vn 110… it’s unbelievable. Whatever you do don’t go look at them… youve been warned ;)…

Picked up one in 2004 and have carried it ever since. Nothing over the top, but a very good all around pocket knife; simple, attractive, slim, sturdy, locking, takes a shaving edge, nice tip profile for finger nail cleaning and the occasional splinter removal. It's an inexpensive, quality, tool; what's not to like? The blade pivot did start to get a tiny bit loose after 14 years, but a gentle squeeze in the vise cured that and it's like new again. My only nit is that pocket lint will collect between blade and locking bar at the pivot, sometimes preventing a really solid lock up. But keep it reasonably clean, lube the pivot point and locking mechanism once in a while, and it should go the distance.

I have an original 503 pocket knife that was purchased in the mid 1980s. It's been in mostly daily use since then and I'd feel lost without it. Mine has some sort of dark brown plastic type handle with a very fine lined textured surface instead of wood.

Thanks for the review. I've owned a 503 since the early 1980's and have used it to skin literally 1000's of rabbits and hundreds of foxes. Clean a fair few trout with it too. Great little knife that I will never part with.

The title says 503 and it says 503 on the blade, but you keep calling it a 501 in your video? Not trying to be rude, but I really want to order this knife. What is it? A 501 or 503 and do they still make them? Thanks

I really like the buck 55, but in my experience, the quality is not that good compared to the 110s and 112s that I have. I've had two 55s, and on both of them, the lockup (blade play) was fairly loose compared to my other Bucks. They are rock solid on my 110s and 112s. Also, the scales were kind of rough on the 55, not smooth like they should be. Do you know if the 501/503/505 Bucks have a better lockup and fit and finish than the 55?

I have carried this knife for 10 years, perfect sized knife for the front pocket. I have nothing bad to say about this and regularly switch it out with a Carbon Steel Case Trapper.

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