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Imarku 8 inch Chefs Knife Review

Chefs Resources & The Knife Nerd (Facebook) teamed up for this review. Check-out the full review on Chefs Resources:

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12 replies on “Imarku 8 inch Chefs Knife Review”

Granted, I'm no expert chef, but isn't that cutting board awfully firm? Seems like it could be rough on that cutting edge, much like a glass cutting board would be. Why not a softer wood or bamboo cutting board? Something not so hard that can dull that cutting edge?

I spend majority of 9 hrs chopping and only sharpen once or twice a week. I have been happy so far with my Imarku

Ahh a great knife that you obviously dpnt know how to handle a knife. Or sharpen one. Even a new knife needs a sharpen. Esspecially a commercial one. Its not like the spend all thw time in the world sharpening it. Spend 20 minutes sharpening correctly.. You sharpen a knife before using. That was taught to me day day one.

I find it very strange that your knife was so bad out of the box. I just purchased this same knife, even got it for $15 on lightning deal, and it came with a very sharp edge. I sliced potatoes with virtually no effort and half frozen chicken with ease. I think you just got unlucky with the one you received.

Yeah, see. I need how well it takes an edge, holds an edge, and handles. Also, is that a ceramic tile for a cutting board? I'm not pro-chef, but gut feel is you're going to roll over a fine edge dinking it against the surface, like you're doing, in short order.

You do realize that not all knives (including expensive ones!) necessisarily come with very sharp edges from the factory right??? I've purchased many fantastic blades that didn't come as truly sharp as they could be right from the factory. It wasn't until I sharpened them myself that they reach their full potential. Grading a knife based simply on it's factory edge is a very poor assessment! I've seen $500 knives come with mediocre edges from the factory, but the bottom line is that EVERY knife eventually gets dull and needs to be sharpened anyways! So sharpening the knife right out of the box shouldn't make a difference. Sharpen the knife first, THEN review it.

Ah… You didn't explain why you would not recommend this knife. It looks ok but I think some of the Japanese knives are better, like yaxcell.

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