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Benchmade 940-2001 – Overview and Review

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14 replies on “Benchmade 940-2001 – Overview and Review”

I stalked this knife and paid BM retail for it – yes I know – but I had it and I was ok with that. I sent it back within two days. I’m just not a 940 fan and I wanted to be with this one. But for $400 to compare it to an Anthem or a seb21 of which I have both I just didn’t see it. Catch and release to someone else who would better appreciate it.

This 940 is a limited unlimited run for Benchmade they'll produce an unlimited number till the end of the year.

Thanks for the review. I'm a fan of the channel. What are your thoughts on choils that don't extend past the plunge grind? Seems to be a recurring problem on the 940 and many, many other knives. It's something that drives me crazy but I don't hear reviewers mention it often.

When you said red isn't within the spectrum for titanium…color me impressed. +10 points

People that wine about the price are just angry they can’t afford. If you don’t like the price don’t buy.

I like the bench maid knives but the one thing I can’t get over is the coding on the thumb studs always wears off really fast for the prices they charge they can do a better job

MC! I just received my manix 2 xl in Jade and M4 today! Mannnnn I’m a big dude and it melts in my hand I’m in love!

I would love to see them do an integral version of the 940 with that awesome version of the axis lock they used in the anthem.

Mine broke in pretty quickly but still has some minor lock stick . It's not a user for me but I still love it .

That’s a bogus price. Because for $340 you could get your carbon fiber handles too. Some special thumb stud (like the anthem or 761). Your buying the warranty.

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