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Ontario SP50 Survival Knife Review

This review is composed of a discussion and a brief demonstration of a large, fixed-blade survival knife from Ontario Knife Company. The SP50 is from Ontario’s Spec Plus Generation 2 lineup of knives. In my opinion, the SP50 is a great, high-quality tool at an affordable price (around $80 from

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Own the SP 50 Gen ll and love it. Had a custom Kydex sheath made for it ($50 US) too. Why not do a bushcraft challenge between the SP 50 and the ($200) ESSE Junglas? The Junglas is about the top of this type knife and comes with a combo Kydex/ nylon sheath that provides a "hood" over the handle for extra security & upside down pack carry. Can't go wrong with either.

It really depends on where you look. Ontario Knife Store (link in the description) has it for about $80.00, which is a good price in my opinion. Thanks for watching!

lol when you pulled the knife out the sheath it looked like a sword said to my self "DAAAAAAAAAAM! now thats a knife" lol

I hear the Buck Hoodlum and the RTAK II are both excellent knives, so everything is a just a matter of preference.

The SP50 has the thickest blade, which makes it great at batonning. But I've heard the Hoodlum and RTAK 2 are both better at chopping, and they both have more ergonomic handles, depending on hand size.

My SP50 is used to really split firewood in the backyard as well as backpacking. Because of the SP50's size, the only way I'll carry it is in a pack.

Having trouble deciding between this and the Buck Hoodlum or the Rtak2. Hated the velcro on the SP50 sheath but nice to see in your video that they have fixed that. Sheath does not seems much worse that the Hoodlum sheath. Do you think the SP50 sheath is adequate for storing in a pack?

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