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NEW Microtech Knife! Exocet: KnifeHub Knife Review

UPDATE: 10/11/19 – We have more Exocets incoming!! Should be in-stock within a week. Knife Review Episode 4: Microtech Exocet

In this video we take a look at Microtech’s brand new model: the Exocet! The Exocet is a California Legal out-the-front automatic knife that doubles as a money clip! Check out the video and let us know what you think of the knife in the comments below!

You can find the Exocet here:

OR you can shop our entire Microtech Collection here:

27 replies on “NEW Microtech Knife! Exocet: KnifeHub Knife Review”

Wish these were made in single-edge format. They may be "California legal", but Michigan has this dumb law against carrying a "dirk, dagger, or other double-edged non-folding stabbing instrument". AKTI and are trying to get that overturned (they were instrumental in getting switchblades taken off the "dangerous weapons that are illegal to own or carry" list two years ago), but it hasn't been lifted yet…

What in blazes were they thinking with that money clip. I already have a money clip, it works great as a money clip. If I want to use it as a pocket clip, how does it work with dress pants with slit pockets? I wear them to work, how conspicuous is this? Do you have to wear it sideways so it gets in the way of everything else in your pocket? Seems really dumb.I was extremely stoked when I first saw it, fully intended to buy it, until I saw the clip. I don’t want my floor wax to also be a dessert topping, and I don’t want my money clip to also be my knife. Oh well, I guess I get to keep 250 more dollars in my actual money clip.

I really like it….but maybe a push button in the middle of the slider you would have to depress to slide it would be a smart addition….just a thought.

It's $250 okay that's a little extreme for a knife like that okay so you have it for $325 in your sold out of it

Those Knife Hub stickers tho!! I never heard of your site, but my next knife purchase will be from you guys for sure! I just gotta make sure the total is over $100. (thanks for the video too)

Im going to be picking one up. Im thinking ill wait until there are some new blade shapes or colors. Id love a black bladed one

Впервые, после ZTE 0460, реально захотелось купить так сильно. Выглядит очень клево

This video did capture my interest. I haven't seen many knives like this. I'm also a fan of the editing. Gave me a nice chuckle.

What a sweet little cash holding otf knife. Microtech never ceases to amaze with their craftsmanship and knifability! A great add to my microtech collection thanx at KnifeHub

Cool knife and legal to own in CA but since it is double edged it would be classified as a dagger and illegal to carry.

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