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Favorite "One Tool Option" the LTWK Sospes | KNIFE REVIEW

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This blade is a beast, and I love it! Check out our review of one of the most versatile and powerful knives available: the LT Wright Knives Mantis Outdoors Sospes.

Here’s the First Impression video from 2016:

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13 replies on “Favorite "One Tool Option" the LTWK Sospes | KNIFE REVIEW”

Hilarious man truly good stuff, this is a man's knife 😉 always sparked my interest, butt a one tool option? Hahaha

I had this knife and sold it because to me at least the handle is too short and too thick . Making this knife not well balanced all the weight going to the heavy too thick blade. This put a lot of strain on my hand when chopping at thick pieces of wood. It just was not right for me though others may like it and everyone is different . To me the handle of the knife is real important so I will stick with my LT Wright GNS instead it does all I need and is comfortable to my hand.

I just recently had to sell my first run SOSPES, but let me tell ya…it's a great knife and i wouldn't hesitate having another in the future

Awesome review! Glad you brought the Sospes back love that blade myself i just got mine in Saber Grind from TKC.

Love the intro. Everyone is way too serious. Very informative
Now to see if I️ can get a custom sospes made up.

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