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CRKT M21-14 SF Knife review

CRKT M21-14 SF Knife review


Open Overall Length 9.25 inches
Closed Length 5.375 inches
Weight 5.7 ounces

Length 3.875 inches
Thickness 0.14 inches
Material AUS 8
Blade-HRC 58-59
Finish Titanium Nitride
Grind Hollow
Style Deep-Bellied Spear Point
Edge Triple-Point Serrations

Material Aluminum
Liners 420J2

Type Locking Liner
Safety System AutoLAWKS

Carry System 4 Position Clip

Flipper Yes
Additional Clip Yes
Patent U.S. Patents 5,596,808 7,437,822

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Funny thing. I have a knife just like this. Its a great knife. Brilliant design. I dont agree with all the comments of the reviewer. Its easy to clean. Easy to service, great handle and easy to draw from the pocket with the blade coming right out for use. Excellent knife.

I take those clips off. Using the clip requires a person to flip it end to end to open it blande out. That's my impression. Using the clip seems to put it in an unnatural position. Plus, you have to hold the clip as part of the handle. Cool review.

Great looking knife but the liner lock in spite of the extra safety doesn't look very strong compared to a frame lock. I got a SOG Salute tactical folder for $29 and damn is it a tough knife for the money. 3.75 in blade, G10, lockback with steel liners that are a glass breaker as well, can also close one handed. Would recommend these for those wanting a tac folder on a budget.

Such a dumb fucking idea to put the clip on the blade point side. Just asking to cut your hand or open in your pocket.

If you give it a good whack on the back of the blade it closes. Don't get the sfg, either. It's far softer than the sf. The sfg having been made in china and the sf in taiwan. I decided to get rid of mine and save up for a benchmade adamas. Sorry I'm such a hard use snob v_v

If you have more than one firearm and a few high quailty knives at a minimum…. may I suggest purchasing a small tank air compressor with detail kit. Very inexpensive investment that yields many other home applications as well. Just my 2 cents. (Re mud in handle…)

I concur that the flippers are a bit uncomfortable…smoothed mine out with a file and sand paper…now all is well…great knife…appreciate the review buddy…

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