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Vertx EDC Transit Sling Review IN UNDER 5 MINUTES

Hey guys, thanks for watching! Today you’ll find out why the Vertx Transit Sling plays an important role in my every day carry essentials.

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EDC Transit Sling:

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9 replies on “Vertx EDC Transit Sling Review IN UNDER 5 MINUTES”

Like n sub. I'm trying to decide between this and Tactical Tailor's concealed carry silg bag. This helped a lot. Thanks!

Thumbs down for off-body carry. Great way to get that gun stolen or lose it in a car accident. Also, what was that absurd dance around the car you did at the beginning of the video?

The way you're wearing the bag kinda defeats the purpose of having the plate… the sling should be tighter so that when you swing it around, it actually covers your vital organs.

Does the plate come with purchase of bag? Or separate purchase? That was a great review! Keep it up! How would you compare the vertx to the 5.11 rush sling

You should store your batteries in an appropriate battery container, if they decide to vent, youll be a running flamer

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