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Knife Review : Benchmade Tanto Griptilian (BM553)

Here is a new knife review… Also I wan to give a shout out to Matthew Goodson who is going to be 17 soon! Happy Birthday Matt!

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I find tanto blades are easier to sharpen due to their straight profile. It takes longer but it's harder to go wrong. Just my 2 cents.

Hey I'm wondering what you think about the Tanto vs the Sheepsfoot.

I get how knives with a belly are more 'usable' but the secondary point where the two flats meet seems like it will cut through slick or tough materials better.. what do you think?

Then there is the whole thumb stud vs. hole thing.

Sheepsfoot, Drop Point, Tanto..hard decisions 🙁

I really want this exact knife! It would be my first Tanto and first Benchmade. Been watching you for years now and you've helped me decide on several purchases, over these years. You, along with several other channels! Enjoy the reviews and all videos I've seen so far of yours. Any feedback would be highly valued and appreciated. Just started my channel a couple of days ago.

Wow, that's some crazy price inflation. They are around $100 now! That's like an 80% increase in less than a decade.

Just got mine ordered 4 days ago, Custom made on the Benchmade website for $155. I have been doing research though and I think its definatly worth the money

Not to start a flame war or anything but Tanto is japanese, they don't have the A sound that is in Apple in their language at all. So the A is pronounced like it is in Awe

You Say Tomato…I Say Potato. You can also get the Grips custom made on the BM web-site, but never for $60.

Thanks for the review, and thanks for pronouncing "tanto" correctly (it's very irritating hearing it mispronounced "tonto"), the video is well done and informative. I just bought this one for my daughter for her EDC, it is an excellent knife. The full polymer handle is an advantage for those who run regularly due to it's light weight.

so its true…benchmade higher all their price and dont allow any discount on their stuff :/ this knife is now 100$ and up, nothing less

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