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Kizer Sheepdog Knife Review. The Official blade of the Tactical Juggalos or not.

If you’re a Tactical Juggalo, can I interest you in the Kizer Sheepdog? It’s a cleaver style collaboration between Sheepdog knives and Shaggy 2 Dope. Ok this knife has nothing to do with the Insane Clown Posse at all, but you should watch this video anyway, because it 2 is Dope. Ok I wish I had something else to say- check out my links below and broken_spear91s instagram feed:

Sheepdog Custom Knives:

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27 replies on “Kizer Sheepdog Knife Review. The Official blade of the Tactical Juggalos or not.”

To activate the “tactical” function of the knife, you have to be wearing camouflage whilst using it. Using “whilst” sets me apart as a tactical scholar. I am wearing camouflage whilst writing this.

Looks like a highly overrated box cutter to me. Are grocery store box boys “tactical”? I don't think so.

AKB you deserve at least 100 more patreon subs just referncing ICP in a vid. I don't see Wrangler Star bringing his Jugalette wife on camera! AKB is the best! (personal note: stay off of their tour bus unless you enjoy crabs and meth teeth)

Here I am looking at two year old vids again, and this guy is still talking about Instagram. Are you giving any crapy stuff to old vid watchers yet?

Why buy all these knifes to never carry just curious when you can see what the weight is of a blade before purchasing why do you but them then if their preference I'm just curious is all

Tactical…tactical…suck it. Thanks for making me laugh before i went into my "sucks your soul out" job.

With g10 scales and 154cm now $100 on amazon. Very nice knife. I already had the similar Samier version of the bill the butcher which is similar cleaver style. Cool toys but poor value.

I can't do Instagram and can somebody explain to me who exactly is needing to cut cardboard? Is that really a thing?

😂😂😂 “Tactical” is the new buzzword that gets cubicle dwelling, city folk, “knife experts” all hot and bothered. A totally useless knife to anyone who is blue collar and actually USES a knife. If you want to sell anything to the cubicle dwellers add the word tactical. It's guaranteed to sell. Knives, sunglasses, compression socks, doesn't matter as long as they're “TACTICAL”.

New subscriber, so ya know, like 3 years behind on your videos… unfortunately, because of this particular video, I'm not sure I can remain subscribed, as you are evidently a Huggies man… I really only support Pampers fellows. I hope my disappointment is palpable.

yes, a worthy knife. I usually stick with the trident spear that I swiped from gabriel awhile back when I used to kick it in heaven, good times

This is exactly the amount of seriousness that trendy, $200 'folding cleaver' knives deserve.

Somewhere, a Tactical Juggalo is clutching their unicorn pillow and crying the tears of a clown.

"it looks like any locking knife can be tactical should they choose to accept the mission" i dont think any other youtuber makes me laugh out loud as much as you do.

I accepted the mission to be tactical. Since this video, I bought both the blue and the reg titanium sheepdogs. I also have a mini sheepdog on the way!

I wish more knifes were American made.
I don’t like buying China knifes but they are so much better for the price.

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