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Husky Utility Knife: Friedmanism Product Reviews

Today I take a look at my Husky Utility Knife, and talk about what I like/dislike about it.
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20 replies on “Husky Utility Knife: Friedmanism Product Reviews”

Just finished another video and still couldn't change the blade (poorly done). But yours showing the direction to pull the thumb down made it extraordinarily clear. Super job, thanks

Came here to learn how to use a utility knife. You were no help, but while I was watching I accidentally figured it out.

Ive never had much interest in tools and never been a handy guy but even I like this tool. Right now Im using it to cut vinyl.

Thanks for showing the release to close knife. Other videos showed how to change blade but did not show release that you push down on, on the top of the knife! Thanks!!!

Agree it's a great knife but I have been using the original blade for months, now I won't throw it away

I have a hard time with people, such as this guy, saying it is an "Exacto" knife. It is not. It is a utility knife with reversible/removable blades. And it is not "razor knife" as many like to call it, nor does it have razor blades for blades. I have had Exacto knifes which are used in making models and such which also have replaceable blades, except way smaller and non reversible. Nor is it a razor blade which are used in razors, box knifes and window paint scrapers. OK, I will get off my box now and turn the podium over to someone else.

Thanks for showing me how to change the blade. I was about to throw it away. I feel pretty stupid!

Geez!! A friend gave me this knife. I’m usually good at figuring things out but I could not figure out how to get that blade out for the life of me. LOL thanks!!

Thank you for explaining how to get the blade out to change it. A constructive criticism is you're a bit careless with the blade; they should be handled very carefully, especially during demonstrations. After I finally figured out from YouTube how to get the blade out, I'm very happy with the knife now.

I still can't get mine to do a thing! Completely unresponsive when I
push on that little clasp/switch. Nothing moves or slides or anything. What is this, a defective one or

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