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This knife has a full tang 1095 carbon steel blade. The blade has 5″ of cutting surface and has a convex grind. The handle is made of curly maple fastened with brass pins. The knife is well built and a work horse. I review this blade but keep in mind what is good for me may not be good for you. I have certain criteria I believe a bush knife should be able to accomplish and I test these in this video.


I bought the bush knife years ago I did not like it at all it was very uncomfortable and the blade had a huge crack in it i tried to like it but to no avail just couldn’t

Looks like a great knife. Seems that you need to hold it and work with it a bit to truly know if it is for you. Tough… good sized blade. I like it.

can recomend you too take contact with dean aragon on facebook and aragon knifes.

he makes hands down top quality custom knifes for really good prices too. i just bought a custom really thin scandivex carver/slicer from him with micarta and kydex shipped to norway for under 150 us dollars thats around 0.012 behind the edge. tell him Glenn sendt you and he will make you something really nice 😊

I bought the Jeff White bush hd about 2 years ago and I have to agree with you concerning the handle…wish they would of kept the handle thicker closest to the blade. That being said besides the handle its a beast of a knife and can really take a beating !. I will be looking to trade it or something…its been on the shelf for a long time. Thanks for sharing

Before you go to the trouble of rehandling the knife try wrapping the part that offends with Tennis racket tape or hockey stick tape. Of course if you want to rehandle more power to you.

Jeff White knives are as good, or better, than the other Pathfinder knives costing two of three times as much.  Unless you're an excellent knife sharpener, convex is a horrible choice for woods use.  Then again, if you chop or baton with a knife, you really aren't a woodsman, you're just one more victim of YouTube incest.  Knives are for cutting, for slicing, and for that, this knife is exceptional.  Buy a hatchet, and use it for batoning.  That's what hatchets are made for.  There's nothing sillier than beating your best friend with a club.  A marketer came up with this silly concept, not a woodsman.

That's why I got the French Trade Knife because it's more slender than the Bush Knife.

Say Heah, Yeah, I have a Jeff White French Trade Knife with the Osage Orange handle, I got it pretty sharp on my Work Sharp, and yeah it makes good feathers, I got a good deal on a simple Bark River sheath that I carry as a neck knife because it's defenetly a nice and lite knife, I think the sheath is the large but it's flat and a simple design, and I think I paid $12.00 for the B R leather sheath, The blade I think is a 1/8ths" thick and it comes in pretty handy in camp..all total I paid about $47.00 which I think is a good price for a beater, but the more I use it the more I'm beginning to like it. But it's still only a back up to my main carry and like I mentioned, I like to wear it as a neck carry.

One of the reasons you might be having trouble with finer tasks is that you are using the tip of the knife. Choke up on the handle and use the part of the blade close to the handle. Your comfort will greatly increase. A lot of your energy is being expended in the distance between the right and left hand. Honestly, I don't know why you bother to review these tools as
you always seem to give up and go back to your tried and true methods.

Is there a knife that you might sugest that doesn't have the same issues? I am looking for a bushcraft/ camp knife that is under "5 1/2 inches (Texas carry law) that can do most of the jobs I might need it to perform in the woods. It does not need to be big and beefy like an Esee 5. I have a saw for heavy work. My preference is a 5 inch blade that can still do some detailed work. Unfortunately, I do not have the financial reserves to afford many custom or even semi custom knives. Really, I shouldn't go over $100 but I think $120 opens up some better options. Do you have any suggestions?

If the front of the handle near the blade is too small for your hand, i too have a big paw and put a ranger band there and it helps take up space and comfort! Good Review

Thanks for the review, good info. I just picked up one of these knives but haven't had a chance to give it a workout yet. You've given me some heads up on some things. Thanks. ~John

The only thing i didn't like about your review is that you brought in another tool to complete the review. When I watch a review i want to see what that tool can do and not have the job finished with a Leather man, Swiss army knife, or Mora. Other then that I thought it was a good review and field test.

Nice review! I have a Bush One for a companion. The convex does require a slightly different technique. I agree with another comment. Do some wet forming on the sheath and it will make retention it much better. Subbed. Looking forward to exploring your channel. Great editing and camera work BTW.-atb-jason

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