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Medford Knife and Tool Chunky Monkey Review

Medford Knife and Tool Chunky Monkey Rebiew

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Thanks to Al for lending this little guy in for review.

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Thanks a lot.

19 replies on “Medford Knife and Tool Chunky Monkey Review”

I need a T version. Slim that up, it could be awesome. That would be my unboxing knife. Running shorts knife. My, because I F#(%ing can knife. Never thought I could like it, mind changed.

I handled on at Jake's shop today and even for my big hands it was comfy. Don't think it would be anything other than a box cutter but it may work its way into the collection if I come across a good enough deal.

Not for me, I like my MKT's big & overbuilt. . .however a good review as always Dirk buddy!!!

No thought put into the ergonomics design? I love Medford too. The chunky monkey is a failed design, failed concept of a knife? Right, wrong?

I don’t own the chunky monkey but I think the name says it all. It’s a fun name for a fun knife. It’s not intended for anything but fun. Pocket Tank with Medford quality execution

I personally dont like it, the clip looks like it could fall out of the pocket, the ergos are bad because of the clip most likely, but I will say we have an eris which is the onlt Medford we have experienced other than the 187 i reviewed, but the eris is really really smooth and I like it. Its got some of the same issues though

My wife just got one Saturday. So far she loves it. She doesn't really have an cutting tasks other than opening boxes/packages, but has worked great for her so far. I carried it all weekend. It does make a good companion knife for my prae t.

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