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TOPS USMC Combat Knife, Full Review

USMC Combat:
US Combat (Plain Edge):
Wild Pig Hunter:
Prather War Bowie:
Hazen Legion:
Apache Falcon:
Operator 7 Blackout:
Punisher M4X:
Silent Hero:
CUT 40 Combat Utility Tool:
Mohawk Hunter:
Tahoma Field Knife:
SXB Skullcrusher:
Dawn Warrior:
Apache Dawn:
Ranger’s Edge:
Mil-Spie 5:

Brothers of Bushcraft Knife:
MSK Mini Scandi:
Scandi Trekker:
Lite Trekker:
Scandi Woodsman:
Mil-Spie 3:
Tex Creek 69:
Tex Creek XL:
Bushcrafter Kukuri:
Backpacker’s Bowie:
Baja 4.5:
Tom Brown Tracker:
Idaho Hunter:
Tanimboca Puukko:
CUB Compact Utility Blade:
Overlander 2:
Earth Skills Blade:

Steel Eagle:
Steel Eagle (Back Up Link):
Power Eagle Bolo:
Yacare Machete:
El Chete:
Armegeddon Knife:
Tundra Trekker:
El Chappo Cleaver:
MAC230 Machete:

Hoffman Mini Harpoon:
Hoffman Harpoon:
SWAT Spike:
Lions Toothpick:
California Cobra:
Street Scalpel:
Street Scalpel 2:
Little Bro:
Back Bite:
Tac Karambit:
Pry Punch:
Tac Raze 3:

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22 replies on “TOPS USMC Combat Knife, Full Review”

I'd be super interested in your opinion on readily available knives as alternatives to the Becker BK20. Thanks for the many years of incite and entertainment.

Soldiers seldom ever use their knives to fight with any more. but it does occasionally happen. If you were to find yourself in a situation that required you to use a knife to dispatch an enemy who just happens to be attempting to do the same thing to you, this one looks like it would certainly be up to the task. It may sound expensive, but what price is to much when you consider the fact that your very life may just depend on that knife at some point?

As a nod to Dundee; that’s not a sharpened pry bar – my OKC RD- 6 is a freaking sharpened pry bar! Lol! Just playing.

TOPS is producing a really wide range of knives… and of course they have their top sellers…
Two TOPS knives that did not get alot of attention here on youtube are IMHO two of their best models:
– HOG 4.5
– D.A.R.T.

The wildest dream would be derailing the enemy's train by sticking the knife in the rail and then picking the knife without any damage to it, blowing the dust and putting back in the sheath and proceeding to the next mission.

Four things:
1. I don't like TOPS Knives
2. I love America 🇺🇲
3. I love WeAllJuggleKnives👍
4. How much for the Toothpick?

Do you have any good friends that are in the army that you can recommend me to ask for advice.

You should do a review on, the condor Kukris. I’m thinking of buying one. I just don’t know which one.

Hi WAJK, wondering if u you could do a video on how to stay fit and how you lost weight. Something to inspire the rest of us.

TOPS is awesome. They are worth every penny. If you ever watch the factory tour, there is a lot of hands on work done to the knives. I've got probably close to 20 now and love every one. 👍

If you were stranded on a desert island, etc etc, this would be a great knife to have, for lots of survival tasks,, I think…….

If a person can afford the price I think it's well worth it. It is definitely superior to most standard knives of similar design and purpose. I would love to have one. As usual a top notch review. Have a great weekend.

Honestly im okay for paying 160 bucks for an american made knife, im not ok tho paying that amount for a 1095, but thats my opinion, besides here in europe this knife costs 200 buck
Edit: it costs 270 bucks not 200

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