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The Olamic Whippersnapper Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that’s both quite excellent and quite customizable: the Olamic Whippersnapper.

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They really will do anything. I talked to Eugene once about doing 2 matching knives for me and my at the time fiance, and asked about using superconductor. He came back and basically said they didn't like that material because it was more expensive than they thought it was worth, but if I was willing to pay for it they'd be more than happy. More than that, I asked if they could make matching rings to go with the knives, and they were even willing to accommodate that and make everything of the same materials if anyone had the abilities. They were willing to go way beyond what they usually do and not only use materials they weren't used to, but also make an object they weren't used to (again, assuming anyone in their shop was comfortable doing so). Fantastic company that I can't recommend enough.

hey Nick, thanks for scoing that wharncliff for me bud –
i'm a full blown charity case, a full time victim with multiple grievances as well as many oppressors. i know you'll understand and appreciate this opportunity i'm providing you to feel super great about yourself!!!! so thanks sooooo much!!!!!!
then i can truly have a wonderful rest of my day…

I've been waiting to see reviews on this knife. I pre-ordered mine and got it at least six months ago. Glad to see it hitting the market. Great knife.

That noise when they open and close! Phwoar!! That's a gorgeous sound. Olamic you seem like a bloody great company, please don't change. Lovely review Mr Shabazz

"Some people are gonna be able to do the reacharound to the top thing, I don't have the arm distance"
Well there you have it from the man himself, all Nick Shabazz reacharounds guaranteed to come from the bottom. The patented Shabazz Bottom Reacharound™… A gem for your junk!

Thanks for a solid review. I definitely want to own one of these. The MANY customization options can actually drive an OCD
knife collector insane trying to finalize what choices to make! 😜

Hopefully the price on these doesnt go up to high after this review. Was hoping to grab one

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