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Gillian Knives Fallen Star Knife Review (USA Made)

Christopher Gillian manufactures these knives offering you options to make them your own. His model is the Falling Star and also offers the custom option which he calls “Sweethearts”. The model shown is the foundation for your customized knife.


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Blade Banter
3624 Commercial St SE
PO Box 4441
Salem, OR, 97302

Steel PMI and Rockwell Tests

Lubricant Testing

Printable Glove Sizing Chart

Creely Blades Steel Chart

Steel Comparison Charts


YouTube Channel

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9 replies on “Gillian Knives Fallen Star Knife Review (USA Made)”

This kind of reminds me of older Kizer models but with a little extra masculinity added.

Out of my range though but I’m pretty sure it’ll sell well.

Nice, but customs are out of my price range. I like the relief cut on the inside, it makes a nicer looking lock side.

Christopher Gillian, Great guy and Great knives, this style Tanto gives you the ability to use the secondary edge and the tip, some tantos in order to use the tip you have to stand the knife straight up and down and you can lose leverage depending on the knife and size. 👍

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