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BOSS Shelter Kit by Stanford Outdoor Supply (Review)

With a lightweight waterproof tarp and groundcover, high-quality cordage and everything else you need to build a survival shelter on-the-fly, The B.O.S.S. “Shelter” kit could make the difference between making it home or becoming a statistic. It’s one in a series of kits designed to prepare you for the worst that nature has to offer, and whether you’re looking for a quick, effective & affordable way to boost your current setup or a strong foundation for a new bug-out bag or emergency kit for your home or vehicle, the B.O.S.S. line of kits might be just what the doctor ordered. Check out our full review!

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The B.O.S.S. kits are ok, at best. I mean they're better than having nothing at all, but I wouldn't trust the whole bundle with my life. That said, if you believe the sh!t will hit the fan next week, then by all means, order the bundle and hope for the best. Other than that, I recommend investing a bit more time (& possibly cash) on some quality gear that you can trust.

I noticed in the video you use that tarp sideways instead of the typical way of running your support line through the middle grommets. But judging by your height and the way it looks it really doesn't look like it would be very good shelter if you put it up the other way. It would be long ways a lot wider but it would be shorter to the ground. I would rather get one I would rather use the insulated tarps or a regular tarp. One that you choose yourself. This may be okay in an emergency.. but is really too costly.. you would be better off buying better equipment for about the same price. You can get the Paracord for under five bucks. Insulated tarp for about 14 on Amazon. A piece of plastic that comes in a whole roll for about 5. Or you can buy a waterproof floor tarp for about 5 that has grommets you can secure to the ground too… I don't see what good those fancy steaks are if you have to pile wood on top of your tarp to keep them from coming out… 40 years ago I had plastic Cub Scout tent Stakes that never gave me any trouble at all… I'm not sure why they would be any worse since they are metal and basically the same design. In my opinion the best survival tool a person has is their brain. And a person needs to start using it before they are in the situation. Which means don't screw around with someone else's junk. Do the research and get the best equipment that is right for you. Not what someone who is trying to make a buck tells you is right for you. And like you said and several of your videos for god sakes try the stuff out several times before actually depending on it… that way when you find out you need a knife you have already put one in the kit yourself. And if you think the knife is junk it is your own fault OwO

I would have bought this one when I bought the fire boss and hunting boss. They screwed me and didn't send me the mini Fire Boss which I paid for but oh well. These prices have gone up a lot in the last 2 years the mini boss was 12 bucks. And the shelter boss was fifty bucks. The water filtration was fifty bucks and that's why I did not buy the entire $179 combo kit with all five. I already have a better shelter kit with all this stuff in it and I paid a lot less than fifty bucks. The water filtration kind of sucks you can buy better at Walmart. The navigation kit is a joke too. The only part of it I didn't have was the book and I found it on Amazon for five bucks and now own it. So I would be damned if I was going to spend 179 bucks when all I wanted was the fire buddy and hunting buddy. I ordered the mini fire buddy because I wanted a few more zinc capsules. I guess I got screwed out of my 12 bucks… that I found them for sale on Amazon too. And for a lot cheaper

13:42 How could i not? I mean , i am a starter and if i havent seen this video , i would have missed out a really good price for an ultralight shelter! Thanks so much! c:

Here is a little tip for the loops on the stakes the string that on them I would switch it out to 550 cord and tie a good knot in the cord put through the gromits and use a stout stick around the size of your thumb through the loop you might be able to get the tarp tighter with that little trick.

Just a comment about staking the tarp down, throw a couple simple aluminum stakes in the bag for that. Great video series (watching all of your B.O.S.S.) videos. I am thinking of using these kits to do a quick and dirty bug-out for the car. I am adding a custom (they always should be, based on your own knowledge) first aid kit as well.

Also, concerning the sag, if you take your front stakes out at 45 deg, that will pull the sag out.

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