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All-new SOG Aegis AT Assisted Folding Knife Review – Collection Selection No.76 [The Knife Junkie]
“I am impressed with this SOG Aegis,” are words I thought I’d never say, but, It’s true, I am. The new and re-branded Studies and Observations Group, S-O-G or simply SOG is putting out some refreshed classics from their folding line-up and they are impressive improvements over the SOGs of the recent past. D2, vividly colored FRN, incredible assisted action (more words I thought I’d never say!) and very nice blade geometry. I have always loved the profile of the Aegis, but once you’d throw light on the surface of the old one, it was ghastly. You may know some people like that.

Want to hear more about SOG? Listen to my podcast interview with Jonathan Wegner, VP of Brand at SOG:

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8 replies on “All-new SOG Aegis AT Assisted Folding Knife Review – Collection Selection No.76 [The Knife Junkie]”

If you were down on your back, in the dark, in the rain, surrounded by a pack of hungry jackals, would you not want assisted opening?

Very cool im definitely interested, also those TS knives you can use and abuse all you want! Dont be shy with them I wanna see scratches 👍

The color is slowly growing on me lol. I picked up the CF Terminus and the Trident but wasn't completely sold yet. I'll probably have to go ahead and pull the trigger on it. Great vid!

not digging that safety. wonder why they went so bright? should have just stuck with black. almost bought this and the new flash, but those colors just kept me from pulling the trigger. thanks for sharing 🙂

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