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Glock 78 Field Knife Review

A review of the Glock 78 Field Knife. I also compare it to my Morakniv Companion MG (Stainless Steel Version) and my KA-BAR Becker BK 16. Bonus: One small modification to the Glock 78 that will give some users a better experience.

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It is your knife but why do you baton with a knife ? Why not just take an axe ?

Hey man. I looked on Glock site they only have model with saw. Why don’t they sell model 78 anymore? I had to order from eBay it’s coming from Poland.

Combat Knives are not bushcraft. Seems to be the YT zone is full of bushcraft morons that don't understand anything. What next? Scalpels used for camping?

Nice review! I recently bought the glock 81 knife and I really enjoy using that one. I was about to buy the 78 model, but I decided to get the 81 because of the sawteeth on the spine. You should try out the 81 and make a comparison video of the glock 78 and 81

I have all the knives shown here and a whole bunch more and I never ever leave home without my 78! It's a tank and has never let me down…I own the most expensive knives to the lowest priced beaters and the 78 beats em all (field/suvival knives.) It's just a one of a kind all-purpose kick ass knife and I still can't believe they sell them at such low prices! Anyone who is on the fence about which field/survival knife to get,look no further than the workhorse GLOCK 78!

FYI that's not actually a bottle opener. That's the lug for attaching it to a rifle. The glock knives are standard issue bayonets for the Austrian military. They are specifically designed to be bayonets for the Steyr Aug. The "bottle opener" is actually a lug that fits into a groove cut in the flash suppressor on the rifle. The knife is held on by a spring loaded plunger that goes inside the hole on the pomel. They don't issue the knife with the plastic plug. They put that in for commercial sales so people can put matches in the handle instead. Otherwise the knives for the commercial market are the same quality and off the same lines as the military bayonets issued to the Austrians. The only difference is one gets that little plastic plug.

Nice review! I have been meaning to get one of these for awhile. I am going to order one today! Thanks

Good stuff! I have the same knife and it is built like a tank. I did have a heck of a time putting a decent edge on mine, but it does hold an edge really well once you do get it sharp.

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