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The Steel Will Screamer Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a knife that just screams “I’m designed”, the Steel Will Knives Screamer.

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Looks a bit like a ferrum forge blade on an Isham handle. Not my cup of tea, but it definitely isn't boring. If I have to see one more boring ass grey on grey zt450 clone I'm going to scream.

Looks a lot like a Koenig Arius with a couple of bits of flair added. Looks good, I'm just not sure it deserves too much credit for unique design.

G'day Nick, like the lines, looks more high end than it is, thanks for showing it. Like the heft and action, not so much the rusty 'ol D2 or the orange back spacer. A good design, but for my taste and needs it doesn't scream "carry me" !!! Cheers Duke.

I have not watched the video yet, but I am very confident that there will be mention of "this VERY interesting little guy."

the title of this video is grammatically incorect … "The Steel Will Screamer Pocketknife"

Not my cup of tea but I do appreciate the leftie love. They get a Paul point for that.

This looks like a Keonig Arius. What are your thoughts? The blade shape and cutout is identical, ergos are the same, flipper tab. It looks like Keonig minus the lanyard hole.

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