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ESEE Large Mess Tin Survival Kit

Checking out the ESEE Large Mess Tin Survival Kit. Enjoy!

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I would like to buy one but here in Canada will on amazon it's around $300 just a little pricey for me

Great idea pump background noise over your audio so that it distracting just like idiots at MSM.

I had to revisit this video. It's a great explanation of how quality effects cost. I'm wanting to save up for the ESEE advanced kit or at least the bag and tin from the advanced kit to make my own.

I made my own..I realized I had the Izula 2 ,..which is a better knife.,.added a leatherman Sidekick with Saw instead of the Victorinox..Other than that,. I ordered the empty tin and filled it like they do..(with akl similar products) ..I love the finished product alot…I keep it vacuum seal in a bag with the SOL emergency shelter,(with cord and stakes) ..Emergency Blanket and 50 gal 3 mil trash bag…It makes a pretty awesome lightweight complete outdoor survival kit,..combined with First Aid kit and Food kit kept in same place..

Fantastic video!! Getting the space-blanket, lighter and med kit in the tin was a feet of magic. Your rebuild is what ESEE should use as a standard. Should hire you as a consultant.

Glad you broke down the price, another thing to consider is when buying the ingredients yourself, you some places have to pay shipping and tax, that is an additional expense, if you can find most of the things locally you still have the sales tax, and if you are like me and the closest place to shop is 17+ miles away, there is gasoline price too. So looking at that it would cost even more than you project which makes the cost of the kit sound even better.

Very awsome survival kit. Wat I do to make a fire starter kit is that I get a pill bottle rap duck tape around it then put 3 packs of machis in it with Kindle to start a fire and a little flint and steel then I rap electric tape around the cap of the bottle to make it water prof.

Great video! Plus the gas to go get all these things,,!! I'd hate to add up what I have stuffed in my maxpidition fatty lol

I have never been a fan of most pre-built survival kits, however Esee ones seem to be the best quality.

Good video. I think there's a lot of great gear in that kit, no doubt. But I'm baffled by some of the choices ESEE made. If you think about the rules of three you'll immediately note that in bad weather you can die of exposure in three hours, yet you can go three weeks without food (and that's the average- the longest medically supervised fast was 400 days! The guy took vitamin supplements, salt and water but no food for over one year!). So I'm really at gobsmacked that there'd be a survival fishing tin and no space blanket! If it were my kit I'd probably ditch the fishing tin so make room for two space blankets, or one blanket and a couple of tealight candles. In a small kit I'm not sure it's necessary to have two knives, especially with no shelter elements. You'd probably be better served by one knife and two or three Whirl-Pak bags since water is a lot more important than having a cutting tool.

That said, it's clear that this is a very good base kit to build on! Apropos of nothing (and maybe I made this comment on another video) I find it humorous that the bigger, more advanced kits are called "Advanced Kits" when really it's just the opposite! A person who's an expert in survival can get by with far less kit than an average person, so realistically a tiny kit as advanced kit. A beginner's kit is pretty much a backpack.

Keep up the good content, Eric!

Hello good videos that you do the truth I like everything you do the Kits I do not know if we can be a collaboration

Great video. I'm from the UK and would happily pay £162 ($200) for a kit of this quality We can get hold of ESEE products here (not this kit though) but they are expensive. Totally approve of all the additions you made, taking a good kit into being a very good one.

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