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25 replies on “Do NOT Buy This Knife”

Don't buy Chinese. Buy American. It's not xenophobic; it's supporting good business practices, good quality, and a healthy domestic economy.

There is no such thing as an original idea anymore. Every "original" idea is just another variation of an old idea.

I absolutely agree with you but I have one problem. I know you tried to say it but in my opinion it was not definitive enough. There are (far too many) Chinese companies who do this but there are also many who don't. As far as I know for example sanrenmu designs some quite nice knives.
When reading the comments I saw a lot of "the Chinese" or "Chinese companys" which isn't that much better than what some Chinese companys do.

China does this all the time. When I was getting off cigarettes via vaping I got into it as a hobby. One of the vape youtubers I watched designd an RDA and went to Chinese manufacturing to make his dream a reality. They did the same thing to him, delayed and delayed and told hime itll cost more and more until it wouldent be feasible to make it. Then, all of a sudden they came out with "their own" that looked an awful lot like his… despicable!

Wow! See, if this was a case of a product being re-designed by a third-party and released at a lower cost…well, the market decides. This is open theft, though. My god it's awful! Hopefully the market decides to reject this scam.

not the first time this kind of corporate thievery has happened, hope 3Coil wins this one

This is outrageous. Thanks for bringing that up, Taylor.
I was reading some of the comments, and here's something to add to the discussion: Why was 3Coil seeking production in China, when that could be easily produced locally? Exactly: to increase profit and/or marketability. That, my friends, is called capitalism. Whether you like it or not. But nobody here is blaming the UK designers for preventing UK or European specialized workers to make a living. Why?
I am not here defending Chinese companies for something everybody knows they do. All I'm saying is that's easy to bash China, Mexico, Romania or other places where labor is cheap for something that is standard practice in the industrialized world since the beginning: the knock off. The difference is, big companies have legal departments to tell them exactly what they need to change in the design to avoid legal trouble. Examples: the Hamilton Khaki Field watch or the Omega Moon watch. Most of the watch manufacturing companies in the world have a model that copies those two designs, obviously for a cheaper price. I understand it might not be exactly a replica, nor the design files were stolen completely, but still is a cheaper copy, made by less-paid workers.
Now, are we trashing Spyderco for having part of their production outsourced to Taiwan? Should we only buy American? Let's give up our iPhones, then.
Once more, I think it's outrageous what happened in this case, and I'm not by any means defending the Chinese company that did it – this was a rip off, not a knock off, and they had bad intentions from the get go. What I'm saying is every problem has different angles. Again, whether you like ir or not.

Support Chinese companies you support modern day Nazi Germany I'll buy anything from anywhere but China.

I know they're not necessarily everyone's cup of tea but, given that this is off the table for the time being, any suggestions for similar scalpel-based tools?

Who the hell is hating this? 29 so far. Must be from Titaner.

Keep up the good work Taylor. You have solid ethics.

there’s the Nitecore NTK 05 which is also similar. Not sure if it was an even earlier product or also is at least inspired by this one. However, I own it and find it incredibly useful. Opening letters, cutting strings, getting out splinters. It’s perfect for all this and other tiny cutting tasks and scalpel blades are dirt cheap. Its retention is ridiculous and I never had any worries about it’s safety.
I do agree about knock offs though.

This is a principled and clear apology. I've watched a few of your vids but this was an instant subscribe.

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