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Urban Get Home Bag 2020 // Urban Survival Kit for Preppers

If you live in, work in, go to school in, or just visit an urban area then you need to have a well planned urban get home bag aka an urban survival pack. In this video I go over what should be included in such an urban get home kit.

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16 replies on “Urban Get Home Bag 2020 // Urban Survival Kit for Preppers”

You know brother, you said two weeks ago that it was about to get a lot worse. You were exactly right.

Items I would add is Dawn dish washing liquid , removes pepper spray from your face and eyes. Include a baseball hat with a brim to keep debris and dust from falling into your eyes. Include sunglasses or glasses to keep debris out of the eyes. Include a bandanna or 2 , the uses are too numerous to mention. Regarding firearms, if Stop and Frisk is enacted by LEO in an urban environment you will be arrested on the spot. Thankyou for a very good video.

Great kit. Got a lot of good ideas.
I have similar kits in my cars. Living in Vegas you always have to be prepared.

Good video. I'd like to outfit my car with supplies, but I need to do some work on it first. I do have a few things in it, but I'd like to mount things like pistol holsters, knife sheaths, flashlights, racks and hooks to hold gear. Right now I have couple of milk crates, but they take up a lot of cargo space or sit on the back seat.

I would advise anyone with such planning to try carrying all that on your back and walk into or use public transport into a city. Then see how you fit in and how much it weighs after one day. Then try walking home. Take care folks I wish you all well.

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