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Top 10 EDC Knives For The First Half of 2020

My Top 10 EDC Knives for the first half of 2020!!!

CJRB Feldspar –
WE Knives Kitefin –
Protech Malibu – ttps://
Kershaw Launch 11 –
Cold Steel Air Lite –
Spyderco Watu –
Real Steel Rokot –
CRKT Piet –
Quiet Carry Waypoint –
Ritter Mini RSK MK1-G2 –

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17 replies on “Top 10 EDC Knives For The First Half of 2020”

Very impressive list of knives! Piet, Kitefin and Feldspar are the only ones I've seen. Seen the full size Ritter Mini RSK but mot the mini which I think I would prefer! That Malibu is really calling me!! Thanks for sharing Bryan!

Hey Brian, I was wondering if you co do a full dedicated review on the Cold Steel Code 4. Thank you.

I'm gonna have to find where to get the micarta Feldspar! Sign me up. Mine has some QC issues, but it's definitely an awesome knife and I would love to get a good one.

The CJRB is so good!! I love mine so much. kitfine is in my list. I wonder if the Titanium version is as light as the CF…

Iโ€™ll have a Malibu but Iโ€™m going to be waiting for other (more fancy ๐Ÿ˜) versions!

Acrosst? Interesting lol. Great video! Love getting ideas for new prospects! Thanks!

Wife just got me my first flipper for my birthday; the Screamer. I gotta say, I am addicted to the fidget factor. Still sticking with my Auto Stryker for work, but love my Steel will as a secondary EDC. Canโ€™t wait for the Bull Mastiff to drop. None of these really speak to me, but your reviews are good as always ๐Ÿ––.

I'm surprised the Cold Steel 4Max Scout wasn't on this list. I've had my 4Max Scout for about 4 months now and it's one of my EDC's. I usually carry my 4Max Scout and my Todd Begg Field Grade Bodega. Then I alternate my 3rd knife. Usually my Cold Steel AD-10 or AD-15. Have you done a video on the Todd Begg Field Grade Bodega? That's my FAVORITE. Never leave home without my Bodega. It's the first one I grab. Love My Bodega.

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