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Swaggs Review: Daggerr Vendetta

Hey, guys! New review is up. Ever heard of Daggerr? Great knives out of Russia. Go check this one out and tell me what you think about it.

Daggerr Knives Vendetta: 5” D2 Tool Steel Blade. Satin Finish. Looks like a dagger, but only one edge is sharp. Manual Flipper. G-10 and Steel Handle. Framelock. Ambidextrous “Scream Skull” Tip-up Pocket Clip. 11.2” Open. 6.1” Closed. 5.9oz.

I also mentioned this one that I gave away with the KeyBar.

Daggerr Knives Shark: Knife Insert for KeyBar Organizer. D2 Blade that comes with a kit that allows you to put it into your KeyBar. Turns any keybar into a working knife.

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16 replies on “Swaggs Review: Daggerr Vendetta”

Nice novelty knife but just too big to be anything else. And, "OMG" followed by running sounds, LOL!

I like the aesthetics of the knife and don’t think too big for men to carry .I carry the xl espada .Although I like how women’s pants look on y’all I feel bad for you that your pockets suck.

Cool knife but too long to be an EDC. At least in New Jersey. Once you get past 8-1/2 inches, you're really pushing the boundary of a pocket knife.

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