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Huntshield Northern Survival knife review


A review of the Huntshield Northern Survival folding knife from Canadian Tire stores. It is one of their store brands. It is a good value budget blade at $30 MSRP, I got it on a Christmas sale for $15 (About $11 US April 2016).
At Canadian Tire look for Huntshield Northern Survival Product #175-2467-2

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I'm no expert, but I got this knife for $9.99, but I have replaced with a crkt assisted opening that I splurged on my birthday

是把好刀 440c 材料 我刚刚买了一把$14.99我准备再去买几把带回国 尼玛是中国产的555

its a good knife I just bought one from Canadian tire it's in sale which is 14.99 I would by 3more take back to china :(Even it's made in china.

I'm so glad I've found a Canadian guy reviewing knives that I can actually afford !I just went and bought this particular one at CT, it was on sale for $11.99, so it was a no brainer but I must say that it's your video that convinced me. Thanks !

I like the look of it, but I don't think Canadian Tire Stores would mail it for free to Australia.

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