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Glock 21 Gen 4 Review | March 2020 | Everyday Carry ( EDC ) or Home Defense? | Full Size .45 ACP Gun

Whats up Everybody I hope We The People are having a great day. If you enjoy the video please think about subscribing to the channel, this video is just about my glock 21 Gen 4. Small and simple review but i hope you can gain some insight and knowledge from my opinions on the gun and the facts. Like and comment what you thought in the comments and hope to have you all around for the next video.
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11 replies on “Glock 21 Gen 4 Review | March 2020 | Everyday Carry ( EDC ) or Home Defense? | Full Size .45 ACP Gun”

Just picked up one this past Saturday. You just got a new subscriber keep up the good work bro !

What holster are you using for your 19 & can you post the IWB holster for the 21 whenever you find it?

Good video great job young brother, good choice of firearms, I'm a retired Army Ranger l carry the G19, daily and when my wife and l travel , l carry the G21 outside the waist band, concealed under my dress shirt, and the G19 is in the car as my back up , if were home just moving around the local area then l reverse it.

I bought one of the K.C.I. mags and it didn't even make it through the maiden voyage. The spring is just too weak. I ended up buying 2 of the the K.R.I.S.S. extensions for the factory mags. I had to sand some of the flash on the inside of the Glock mags to get them to feed properly though. I love the Gen4 21, it feels like a friggin cannon in your hands.

I got my G21 a couple days ago. I was told ETS mags are great so i ordered the 30 round. Mine is the USA Glock model so it came with 3 10 round mags 😠 so i ordered the 13 round ETS mag as well

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