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Condor Bush Knife Review

My initial impressions of the Condor Bush Knife

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This is selling right now for an unbelievable $5 Canadian on Amazon. Going to pick one up to chop my back yard weed trees and wild grape vines.

That's an English billhook pattern.its main use has been for hedge laying.the flat blade is for chopping and curved side is ideal for cutting branches and roots.its been used here for 100s of years.

I have the Condor Wilderness Tool it's a pretty handy camp tool especially when putting up a shelter tent out of wood and a tarp, my handles seem to be Kraton but so far so good I've had it for about 2+ yrs. good for digging too but instead of the hook like yours it's got a larger hatchet head and a smaller hatchet head the half sharpened top similar to a chisel grind connects both heads a curved knife along one side which I use as a knife when using the tool, like I said it's a handy camp tool, it's not my go to knife but I do use it in camp.

It is an Billhook in English, and as someone pointed out a Roncola in Italian, Serpe in French etc. Italian manufacturers are the ones with the greatest variety of models still. In Portugal they make really nice ones, I have one though without straight edge back. Verdugo Number 0. Verdugo means executioner. And they are also made by other south-central American manufacturers than Condor (in Honduras I think at least). Long hefted US model is called "Sling blade" and you also have the heavy "Woodsman's Pal" used by the US military during the second world war. If you want something long shafted and terrifying get an "Irish slasher" (UK).

It's found also here in Northern Italy, it's called "roncola pennata" basically this model differs because the straight edge serves as a cleaver while the traditional ones have a narrower blade protruding more like an axe head… It's used in forestry in order to make clearings around trees, chopping bushes and basic jobs like bark removal and so on…nice tool indeed

REALLY glad you did this video. I've wondered about this blade forever. Any updates on it?? This and one of their choppers are next on my get list. Turned my Hudson Bay into a clip point with some easy grinding and file work, love it to death.

Yeah, I got their Thai Enep camp knife and barong machetes today(I've got the kukri machete and bush knife on order) and both look to be pretty impressive blades as well. Definitely got my eye on a few more Condor items now…

Nice… a quick search shows it currently (as of this post) listed on amazon for $44.29 with free shipping. I'll have to toss it in my cart and watch for a price drop. I love my Condor Rodan which I also got from amazon. I generally pick up allot of items from amazon because the free shipping often makes the item cheaper overall than elsewhere and the ability to replace defective gear.

Oh I'm definitely getting this sucker. I got the Condor golok as a gift today and it's awesome, and this thing just looks sweet.

Cool! I love Condor, i have 2 of their Bushcraft knives, a Village Parang, a Golok and a Hudson Bay knife. I'm considering buying the Bush knife as well. Are you going to do an in field use video?

It looks like a Billhook to me. A traditional woodsman tool from NW Europe used for coppicing, hedge laying and hurdle making. Also used by medieval peasants when pressed into battle. Have a look at my vid and see what you think. The belt sheaf is an advantage over mine.

No condor this year! They did have a marbles booth but prices were crazy. Got 2 new hawks and 2 fixed blade knives to add to the stockpile. Decided to give martiini a try. You sold me on them with your vid.

Going to the big north east gun show in 20 min and im hoping they have condor products this year!

Carjackers ! ! First I'll shoot them, then I'll use the Condor knife ot hack him up. Finally, I'll put the knife in his hand and tell hte cops he attacked me. Tha carjacker will have a bad day.

Interesting design. Do you think the choils and the eye might work to tie a stick to it ?
Man that would make a hell of a weapon tied to long stick. I would not want to be at the receiving end of it. I can just imagine swinging that thing with a long stick. I like it. I think I am going to get one to carry in my car as a last resort back up.

£54.95 in the UK but a Spear & Jackson Stafford Bill Hook which is similar is £21.95 so half the price. Thanks for sharing.

man that is an evil looking blade……..i want it lol can i have it i bet my wife would like that too

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