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Best Hunting Knives of 2019 Available at

It may seem early, but hunting season is fast approaching, so now is the time to get your gear in order. Click this link to see the best hunting knives:

The selection of knives out there can be hard to wade through, so we picked out a selection of what we think are the best hunting folders, fixed blades, and combo sets you can get right now. And since we are the KnifeCenter, you’ll find some things that are better than what you would typically find in a big box store that just might elevate your game. Happy hunting!

Knives featured
Buck 110 Folding Hunter:

CRKT Homefront Flippers:

Benchmade HUNT Series:

Case Stacked Leather Hunters:

Buck Pursuit Fixed Blades

Gerber Freeman Guide Series:

Bark River Drop Point Hunters:

Knives of Alaska Fixed Blades:

Havalon Replaceable Blade Folders:

Wyoming Knife:

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For hunting cold steel Pendleton classic san mai, Lovelace hunter, or bark river guardless hunter just came out. For bushcraft skookum bushtool, spyderco bushcraft, or bcnw 01. EDC benchmade osbourne 940, benchmade bugout custom scales, or R2D2 "rat 2 in d2".

I like your list but Kershaw and old timer ! How did they or why did they fall off your list

Clip points are not so great for gutting or skinning,that upswept point pokes into everything.
Go with a drop point design even cheap Herbert are great. I have used a $20 Ferber for 30 years on bear and deer,sharpens easy just not pretty.
I only replace it with a German made Puma hunters pal because of the traditional look of the stag horn Handel. Harder to sharpen but holds an edge forever!

Why no Puma in this review?

I don't know why they would paint the handle in Camo colours ,, wouldn't that make it that much harder to find if it fell out of your pocket, I suggest a bright colour a yellow or a bright red which would make it almost impossible to loose,but what would I know I'm just a woman!

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